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Salesforce Development

Topics & Sub-Topics

1. Introduction to Lightning Web Components (LWC)

  • Overview of LWC and its place within the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Comparison with Aura Components
  • Understanding the core LWC programming model and lifecycle

2. Web Standards and Programming Languages

  • Deep dive into HTML, JavaScript (ES6+), and CSS
  • Leveraging modern JavaScript features and best practices
  • Utilizing CSS for styling components

3. Component Composition

  • Building encapsulated components that manage their own state
  • Composing components to create sophisticated user interfaces.
  • Communicating between components using events (custom and standard events).

4. Salesforce Data Access

  • Utilizing Salesforce Apex to interact with data.
  • Understanding @wire, @api, @track, and @lwc annotations.
  • Performing CRUD operations with Lightning Data Service.

5. Testing LWC

  • Unit testing frameworks and strategies for LWC.
  • Mocking server-side calls in tests.
  • Best practices for ensuring performance and reliability.

6. Debugging and Performance Optimization

  • Tools and techniques for debugging LWC.
  • Optimizing performance of web components

7. Security Features

  • Enforcing Salesforce security best practices in components.
  • Understanding Content Security Policy (CSP) and Locker Service.

8. Deployment and Lifecycle Management

  • Managing environments and deployment processes.
  • Version control and CI/CD for LWC.

9. Integration with Third-party Libraries

  • Incorporating external JavaScript libraries within LWC.
  • Handling third-party DOM manipulation safely.

10. Advanced Topics

  • Exploring complex architectural patterns.
  • State management techniques.
  • Dynamic component creation.
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